Wayerz provides an integrated platform that optimizes international wiring, correspondent inter-bank reporting, and reconciliation. Our multi-solution platform focuses on improvement of productivity and automation of bank-to-bank systems, transactions and interfaces; increasing the real-time.

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The tools that are being implemented, require a rethinking for international banks with regards to how they monitor and manage intraday liquidity. Implementing tools will be particularly challenging for financial institutions utilizing correspondent banking services. 


Deutsche Bank, Market and industry Perspectives . 1/2015

why use wayerz

Optimize aggregate costs and times, and track your total performance with in-depth reports

Our customer interface lets your clients manage beneficiaries, provide instructions, and review specific wires and routes.

We provide you with a special module for advanced billing and tracking.

Collect anonymous statistics for best-practice analysis.

Integrate the system securely in your in-house infrastructure or in your client’s systems.

Our system is fully digitalized, encrypted and secure.

Improves service quality and reduces cost of transfer for your Financial Institution and your clients.

Boosts liquidity and generates new revenue streams.

Open new markets and services previously un-reached.

Enterprises Banks communicate on a single platform.


Techstars revealed the companies that will be participating in New York City’s own Barclays accelerator. Among the participants in the New York accelerator is WAYERZ.

“This class represents a diverse cross-section of technologies” wrote Jenny Fielding, Techstars Managing Director. “We are excited to announce a dynamic group of problem solvers working to change the world as we know it.”

15TH July 2015, RISE, New York City